I Get Traffic on My Shopify Store but Make No Sales?

You are getting traffic on your Shopify store but making no sales? Now you are unsure what you should do to make people buy products from your Shopify store. In this post, I am going to share with you simple techniques to help you make your 1st sale on your Shopify store.

This is a pretty common issue faced by new Shopify stores. Many shop owners successfully bring traffic to their new stores but unable to convert them into customers.

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My client was having the exact same problem. He created a shop, ran Facebook Ads, and brought users to his new shiny Shopify store. However, he got quite disappointed when despite spending hundreds of dollars on ads he has got not a single customer.

I helped my client using these exact techniques and double his conversion rates within a week.

If you haven’t made your first sale through your Shopify store then get ready because you’re about to be making your first sell.

This is a major problem faced by many new Shopify store owners. They don’t specify their target audience and sell their product to everyone who has money. Yeah, sometimes this blind strategy works but not all the time. You need to ask questions to yourself such as are you targeting the right audience in your ad campaigns, content marketing, or through website copy.

You need to find out who is your target audience. In short, who is the most likely candidate to buy your product? Is it a plumber that lives in X city that usually buys your product? Is it a lawyer who uses your product? What is his/her age, does he/she has disposable income to buy a novelty product like yours (if you sell such products).

Ask questions like these and answer them as best you could. At the end of the day, you have an understanding of your target audience and how exactly you need to target them in your ad and website copy.

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One of the important aspect of why people are not buying your product could be how you priced it. Have you checked your product pricing against your competitors? I know your product could be much better than your competitor hence the pricing is higher. However, keeping in mind your competitors pricing will help you set a better pricing for your product.

A good starting point is to perform a competitors product pricing research. How much they charge for the same product? If there’s a big difference in the pricing (without the change in quality) then you might need to reconsider your pricing strategy.

This could be why your potential customers are leaving without buying the product.

Before someone plans on buying your product they might have a few questions regarding your product, shipping policy, shipping cost, and anything in between.

For your customer’s ease set up some communication channels such as a live chat via your Shopify store, Facebook/WhatsApp chat, email, contact forms, and other social pages. You should also keep these communication channels to prominent places on your website such as your site header, footer, sidebar, etc..

Do you know a lot of your users once visit your website won’t be visiting it for the next time. That’s why it is important to grab their email addresses so that you can get in touch with them and show them your products through their email.

A lot of new Shopify owners don’t use any form of email marketing until someone tells them how it all works. Email marketing brings a lot higher conversion rate then any other marketing channel. And it doesn’t cost that much. You just need to buy monthly email subscription service.

Once you have their email address you can send them a discount code or entice them in any other way to buy your product. The opportunities are endless here.

Do you even use product photos on the website? If yes, then are they clearly represent your product? Are they in higher-resolution? Are you using multiple photos for each product? Well, a lot of customers at least online have no idea if what they are buying is actually how it looks or how it fits (if its clothing).

You should double-check your existing product photos by yourself. Also, ask any other friend or family how those photos appear to them. When you’re confident that your photos appear alright then your users might be facing some other problem.

If product photos on your Shopify store seems okay then the next thing you should check is the text that goes with it. Did you add any text to accompany your products? Some customers wants that extra bit of information to make their decision. For example, for a clothing store it is perhaps more important to have clear sizing chart so that customers can easily measure and buy the right size.

Also, make sure that text is clearly visible along with your product photos. When people have enough information about the product they need, they feel more comfortable pressing the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

On most Shopify stores there is already a prominent call to action to 'add product to cart' or buy buttons. However, in this case, I am talking about micro-conversions. What if customer yet don't want to buy the product? You can offer them a discount if they signup and give you their email address. This is what we call micro-conversions.

You need to use such call to actions throughout the website. Nowadays exit-intent pop-up seems to convert really good. Whenever someone leave your website this pop-up will show your offer and ask users to give their email address.

A confusing checkout process might have a negative effect on your customers. People don’t want to give you any extra details that is unusual. For example, if you ask your customers to give you their driving license number or something like that they will not complete the checkout process and leave.

If you don’t know how a good checkout process should be then check out your competitors. Use the simple process to buy your product. At the very beginning of your form, you need to ask for the shopper’s email address. By doing this, you can easily reach out to them and can even recover the sale!

No matter how big your e-commerce store is, you can avoid having a large number of abandoned carts. They are a natural part of all eCommerce stores. There are some problems that you can not control, although problems such as shipping costs can easily be addressed and solved.

No matter how hard they are to control, you can not just sit back and let things happen. All the methods we have listed so far are all for the purpose of reducing abandoned carts. But what happens when you have put your work in increasing engagement and gotten only a few micro conversions, but sadly the shoppers still walk away?

By following these simple techniques you can easily double your conversion rates. I hope by applying any of these simple techniques on your Shopify store will help you make your first sale. Also, check out my other post about how to install Google Search Console in Shopify.

If you need help with the Shopify SEO or online marketing, please feel free to contact me.

If you need help with your SEO please feel free to contact me: https://azibyaqoob.com/contact/

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