Shopify Store Showing Duplicate Traffic in Google Analytics

If your Shopify store is showing duplicate traffic in Google Analytics then here’s how to solve this error.

Duplicate Tracking Code

First thing you should check is your Google Analytics tracking code through theme.liquid file in Shopify. It is not a good way though, instead, here’s what you should do.

Download this Google Chrome extension Tag Assistant.

Once this extension get installed, it will be shown up in your browser extension bar. Clicking on it will open up a menu.

Go to homepage of your site and click on the Tag Assistant icon from the Chrome extension bar. Now, click on the Enable button.

Reload your homepage then again click on the Tag Assistant extension icon.

It will display a tracking ID of your installed Google Analytics. If it is a single tracking ID then your Analytics installation is fine.

However, if you see multiple tracking IDs here then you should remove them. Ideally, you should have one Google Analytics tracking ID on every website.

Copy duplicate tracking ID from extension menu.

Press right-click button on your site blank space. It will open up a drop-down menu. From there select View Page Source.

It will open up a new page which will display all your site’s HTML. Now press Ctrl + F and search for the tracking ID. It will tell you where exactly this tracking ID is displayed.

Once you find that out you can simply remove the Google Analytics duplicate tracking code by going to theme.liquid file and it will fix your issue.

Google Pay

Some users complained about duplicate tracking ID to Shopify and they said that it could be happening due to Google Pay. I’m not sure if this problem is fixed by Google Pay but it was at the time when people had this issue it wasn’t resolved.

Make sure to check out tracking code on the checkout page through the plugin that I mentioned above.

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